Dog Training Supplies

We’ve gathered together a collection of our favourite purchases. Click on the titles for products and reviews.

clix The Clicker
An event marker. For helping your dog to identify desired behaviours.
71mMhbT27OL._SL1500_ Whistles
A tool which produces consistent commands, easy for your dog to hear and understand.
Training guides that will help you become a better teacher for your dog.
target The Target Stick
Smart collars and leads for the handsome Labrador.  From town to country and back again.
whip The Whippit
A lunge whip, for you to make into your own Whippit / Flirt Pole.
914zHIGoh7L._SL1500_ Treat Bags
To conveniently carry your dog’s training treats, when you are out and about. 

Please note that Totally Dog Training receives a small commission if you make a purchase using one of these links.  This does not affect how much you pay,  and we very much appreciate your support. 

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