Our Favorite Dog Training Aids

 These are core dog training tools used by professional trainers and pet owners worldwide. Use the quick link buttons to buy or scroll down for detailed reviews.

TOP TIP: Buy a dog whistle in a bright color, so you can find it if you drop it on a walk!

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Dog Whistles

Treat Bags

A basic dog training kit includes a clicker (to tell the dog when he is doing something you like), a long line or training leash (to prevent him from doing things you don't want him to do).

And some treats to reward those great behaviors that you just clicked! 

You'll probably also want a whistle to save you shouting 'come' when your dog is a long way away, a lanyard to hang it on, and a treat bag to save your pockets from crumbs.

Last but not least! You'll notice we've included a copy of Total Recall so you can teach your dog how to respond to your whistle, and a notebook. 

If you are going to succeed in training your dog effectively, you need to keep a record of what you achieve and where you get to each day.  So that you can build up your training in layers.

One success upon another.

This small dog training kit of just 8 items will take you a long way together.