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We’ve got a couple of important pieces of news for readers of Totally Dog Training.

Our articles are moving

You may have noticed that many of the articles on this website have now been moved to a new home in the ‘training’ section of  The Happy Puppy Site.

The puppy site has been far more successful than this one in terms of traffic and it made sense for us to pool our resources.  And to bring the two websites together under one roof.

We are coming near to the end of the moving process now and much of the original content of this site has now been relocated.  We’ll keep it open for a while longer so that everyone can find the new location.

We have created a support network for pet bloggers

I know that quite a few of you have your own websites and write about pets in one capacity or another.

I’m pleased to tell you that my daughter Lucy and I have started a support group for writers, over on Facebook

We’ll be posting information on how to start a pet blog, or pet business website, how to get traffic to your website, and at how to monetise a pet site. As well as just hanging out to talk about building websites, using social media, getting published as a pet writer or blogger, and other writerly things.

You don’t have to be a writer to join, you can come along to see what its all about.

The group is linked to our website, which will help dog breeders, trainers, and behaviourists, and anyone interested in blogging or simply showcasing their pets online.

There will be tutorials and case studies, and we’ll be responding to questions from readers. It has only just been launched but we’ll be adding to it regularly.

We hope that the Facebook group will be a nice place for pet bloggers and all writers and website owners in the pet zone (and outside it) to get together and support one another.

Hope to see you there! And please feel free to share this with anyone that you think might be interested.




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by Pippa Mattinson on September 2, 2016

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