The Labrador Handbook – Coming Soon!

The Labrador HandbookComing soon – the ultimate guide to the world’s most popular breed of dog!

I am delighted to tell you The Labrador Handbook. will be published this week, on 1st October

It’s a complete guide to training, choosing and caring for your Labrador Retriever.

Packed with details that every Labrador owner, or prospective owner, needs to know about one of the nations’ favourite dogs.

The Labrador Handbook is  available now for pre-order through Amazon.

The book helps you look at whether now is the right time for your family to get a Labrador, and explores the best way to go about finding one that is going to have a healthy and happy future with your family.

Reassuring and realisticSue Magee – The Book Bag

There’s plenty of training information too.  From what really motivates your dog and how you can use this to influence his decisions and behaviour, through training methods and basic principles.

Building on these simple rules, you will be able to move on to teaching your Labrador all of his basic training skills, including getting him to come when you call and sit when you ask him to, laying firm foundations for a successful future together.

Excellent advice as to when you need veterinary assistanceSue Magee – The Book Bag

If you own a Labrador or are thinking of bringing one into your family in the future, I think you’ll find the book very helpful.

It also offers extensive help and advice which could be applied to owners of any other large breed of dog too.

The Labrador Handbook is due to be released on the 1st of October 2015, but is available to pre-order from Amazon now!

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by Lucy Easton on September 29, 2015

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