Review: Treat Bags for dog training

dog-training-stages-218x300Training with treats is effective.

But it can also be very messy.

That’s why it’s good to set out with the right kit.

A decent bumbag to hold your kibble or bits of chicken, can make all the difference.

Have a think about what your priorities are, whether it’s style over convenience, or storage capacity over bulkiness. There are a lot of choices, so work out what you want before making your decision.

There are so many options out there, and if you have the time you can spend ages having fun picking out the right one for you.

The two below are our personal favourites:

Jeep Bum Bag

4116Z4ZkReL-1This traditional style bumbag is Pippa’s favourite.  It has separate sections, so you can keep your treats in one whilst keeping your phone and keys safe in the others.

It is water resistant and is made of a durable material, suited to romping through the countryside whatever the weather.

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Clix Treat Bag

914zHIGoh7L._SL1500_This bag is specially designed for dog trainers, with a wide opening mouth allowing easy access to treats.

It closes with a drawstring, keeping the contents free from rain and roaming dog’s tongues!

It also comes with a seperate pocket at the back, allowing you to keep your personal items safe too.

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