Review: Make a Dog Training Flirt Pole or Whippit from a Lunge Whip

How does positive dog training workPositive reinforcement training is great for a lot of reasons.

One of these is the lack of aversives used.

However, this does mean that in order to teach certain behaviours, or to stop certain behaviours, trainers need to be a bit more inventive.

One such invention is the Flirt Pole or Whippit. This device is basically a toy on a string, attached to a pole.

It is used to help teach your dog impulse control, such as responding to stop whistle when there are distractions around.

You can make a whippit at home, but it can be a little tricky getting it right. Fortunately, there is a commonly available product that can do the same job.

31g0Ltfg4kLThe Lunge Whip

Lunge whips were traditionally used in horse training.

But their role as a whippit is of a very different nature.

All you need to do to turn a lunge whip into a whippit, is to attach a toy your dog loves to the end of the cord.

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We will be posting an article on the use of the whippit, and will link to it here soon.



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