Review: Clix Target Stick for dog training

Happy dogA target stick is a great aid to dog training.

You can use your target stick for teaching heel work and lots of different tricks.

Target training is a great way to pass a rainy day indoors with your dog and to build the bond between you.

Find out more about target training right here

You can make your own target but we like this simple little target stick from Clix, which folds up nice an small for easy storage.

Clix Target Stick

The clix target stick is specially designed to help you and your dog learn these new skills.

targetstickIt extends up to 70cm, so you can easily carry it around whilst training, but still have the reach you require.

The soft rubber bulb on the end helps your dog to focus on where the target is being taken.

It is also designed to be durable and lightweight, for long-term ease of use.

If you are interested in using a target stick, why not check it out on Amazon here.


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