Review: Acme Dog Training Whistles

dog training language - what is latencyA whistle is a tool.

Whistles are not intrinsically compelling to dogs.

They do not in themselves pursuade your dog to return to you, stop in his tracks or turn a fancy trick.

A whistle is a just a tool. But when properly taught, it can be a brilliant one.

You can if you choose, only ever use your voice for commands. However, there are some benefits whistles have over the spoken word.

What’s so good about a whistle?

The noise made by a whistle is consistent, unlike your voice the pitch never changes. So your dog knows it always means the same thing.

A whistle is unusual, and stands out from the background noise of life. Your dog is therefore more likely to notice it than spoken words.

It also carries better, so if your dog is at a distance it is more likely to be heard over the sound of the wind or rain.

Which whistle should I use?

There are lots of choices when it comes to dog whistles, but our clear favourites are the Acme whistles. They come in specific pitches, so that even if you need to replace one it will sound exactly the same.

They are also now available in a range of fun colours, not only looking cool but a lot easier to find when you inevitably drop it in the middle of a field!

31fW1KaxXRLAcme 210.5 Pink Whistle

Comes with a thick lanyard, also in pink.

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81Pck2IlXeL._SL1500_Acme 210.5 Orange Whistle

Comes with a cord lanyard, also in orange

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71mMhbT27OL._SL1500_Acme 211.5 Red Whistle

Comes with a cord lanyard, also in red.

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81C89Z9tBbL._SL1500_Acme 211.5 Blue Whistle

Comes with a cord lanyard, also in blue.

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