Extinction! Don’t let your dog training die!

May 21, 2015
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Did your dog get lazy about his ‘sits’?  Did your dog’s recall die?  It is very easy to let your dog’s skills become ‘extinct’ But extinction in dog training has nothing to do with dinosaurs, and everything to do with the death of all your hard won progress. Extinction often lies at the heart of […]

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Is clicker training too mechanical?

May 19, 2015
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I have been thinking about a belief I have heard expressed a number of times recently. The idea that clicker training is too mechanical or unemotional. And that this somehow makes it an inferior, or less desirable approach to dog training. I can understand how this belief has arisen.  Watching a clicker training session is […]

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The use of reinforcement in dog training

April 27, 2015
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The word ‘reinforcement’ is sometimes used incorrectly by traditional dog trainers. This can cause some confusion amongst dog owners who are struggling to train their pets. So in today’s article we are going to look at the use of reinforcement, especially positive reinforcement, in dog training.  We’ll discover what it means, and what it can do for […]

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15 great dog training videos

April 23, 2015

Dog training videos are not just fun, they are really helpful too.   We have a great selection here for you today. We’ve looked at a range of dog training topics, from dealing with problem behaviours like pulling on the lead, to teaching tricks that will entertain you and your dog on a rainy day. […]

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Choosing rewards to use in dog training

April 20, 2015

Should you reward your dog with a friendly pat or a kind word? Or should you go all out with a ‘power reward’ like tasty chunks of roast chicken? Deciding what to use as a reward  is one of the key decisions you will make when training your dog. Getting this decision right may be […]

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How to stop your dog stealing

April 9, 2015
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Does your dog steal cushions, socks, kids toys, and anything else he can lay his paws on? Do you have to pursue him around the house to get your car keys back? Has he swallowed your dishcloth and chewed the laces off your best shoes this week? Stealing styles Stealing is a very common problem, […]

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The downside of punishing dogs

March 5, 2015

Many dog trainers still punish their dogs to some degree. I am referring to punishment in the strict, behavioural, sense of the word. A lot of people don’t realise that what they are doing is ‘punishing’. Many trainers will refer to mild punishments as ‘corrections’. Some dog owners have no problem with this, and are happy […]

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What is Modelling in Dog Training?

March 1, 2015

Traditional dog training techniques were quite different to the modern methods that most of us are now using. Modelling was a popular way of establishing new behaviours. It involves physically manipulating a dog into a specific position. What is modelling You have probably seen old videos of a trainer pulling up on a dog’s lead […]

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7 books to help you train your puppy

February 25, 2015

There is nothing intrinsically different about training a puppy, when compared with training an adult dog. A puppy may have a shorter attention span, but modern training is all about fun, not concentration. The reason that people sometimes see puppy training and grown up dog training as separate endeavours, is that in the days of punitive dog […]

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How Dogs Learn: The Three Consequences

February 22, 2015

Understanding how dogs learn will give you the power to train and control your dog. Happily, we now know a great deal about what drives canine behaviour and how to change any dog’s behaviour using simple reward based strategies. Let’s dive straight in and figure it out! The three consequences Every time your dog does […]

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